Monday, August 22, 2011

A Wife of Noble Character: Revisited

Proverbs 31: 10 -31

I am not certain how many times I have read this chapter of the Holy Bible. Obviously, this is one of my favorites - a classic. For one thing, it has always been my prayer to be an excellent woman, just as it had been told here, thousands of years ago. Every time I read the passage, I always get inspired, hoping to be like her. I do not want to question the possibility of being like her, though she is one perfect package. I would not want to think it’s my idealism playing again, but I’d rather put it, my spirit is responding to what God calls me to be. And yes, it is not only me I know, but God is defining the woman one ought to be. And this is what He wants to tell me of how you and I could be, in line with God’s will:

A wife of noble character that she is and I am going to be…

She is a wife of an honorable man.
First, God speaks that I will be a virtuous wife, one whom a man could be truly proud of. I am going to be a blessing to my husband. I will bring him good and not harm, all the days of my life (v.12). And I will be grateful to do so. My husband is a dignified and respectable leader of the society. He is well known at the city gates, where he sits with the other civic leaders. (v.23)

She is creative & a hard worker.
I will rise up early to prepare breakfast for my household (v.15) I will carefully watch everything in my household, and I will not suffer from laziness (v.27). I will learn practical skills. (v.13, 22 & 24)
She is rich & dignified.
I am going to be rich -- having servants, and I will plan out their day’s work. (v.15)

She is in good health.
I will be energetic and physically fit. (v.17)

She is a businesswoman.
I am going to be knowledgeable in business, and not ignorant. I am going to inspect a field and buy it. (v.15). I will make sure that my dealings are profitable (v.18)

She is generous.
I will extend my helping hand to the poor and open my arms to the needy. (v.20)
She prepares for the future.
I am not going to be afraid of hard times because everyone in my household is secured, dressed in scarlet clothes. (v.21)

She is exquisitely dressed.
I will be a model of elegance -- dressed in fine linen and purple gowns. (v.22) How wonderful could it be!

She is strong & confident.
I will be strong; confident and not worry-some of the future. I will laugh without fear of life’s uncertainties. (v.25)
She is gentle & full of wisdom.
I will speak wise words, and I will give instructions with kindness. I will be a good mentor. (v.26)

She is a mother of happy children.
Lastly, God says that he is going to bless me with my own family -- having children and they will bless me, as my husband praises me. (v.28)

How wonderful God’s promises are.  He is both the best designer and role model of the life’s finest characters. He is the greatest noble one could ever meet. He sets standards for His children, as He prepares them for His kingdom. And again, God is whispering in my heart that I am His daughter. I am a King’s daughter! And though how far I am to the wife of noble character, I know that he is molding me to be one someday. His Word is true; it brings renewed hope, refreshing my soul. J

Charm is deceptive and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised. (v.30)

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