Friday, July 22, 2011

To fill up the About Me section

Hi there again. ‘Tis my second blog post for tonight. Addict! I’m simply making the most of my time here. You see, tomorrow is not another rat race (a Saturday), but I’ve got lots of other things to attend to. Why am I explaining? Anyway, I just figured out it’s best to give this public ideas about me. I’m getting narcissistic, an effect of our YouTube generation, but I don’t wanna be a victim of it. Though you may say separating a section to define oneself is confirming the said idea, I care not? Of course I do. It’s that I think it’s fair enough for you to know the author to give you an understanding to where her ideas come from. And upon typing  the statement, “notes about the author” on paperbacks is visual depicted in my mind. And yes, I’m also thinking that maybe you may not follow me for the rest of the year, to really get to know me better. The “me” in this personal cyberspace --- the space where you have the freedom, I must reiterate. The freedom to read Manikeen’s articles for free.
I used the said alias because of the following reasons:
  • The alias manikin is not available
  • It sounds Filipino (akin, suntukin, bitin), lalala.
  • It sounds kikay, too ‘coz I think I am, inside
  • Changed it to “keen” for though I’m not that visually observant, I’m a detailed person.
I’m biologically female and gender-wise, a woman. I’m more into arts than sports. More into music than dance. I’m more into journal-writing than poems. More into math than history. I’m more into reading than watching TV. More into philosophy than politics. I’m no atheist nor agnostic. I love, God. I must also say I’m a better organizer, composer & actress than a critic, cook & director. Oh, how boring now, to be speaking of oneself. But anyway, I do hope ‘tis give you a framework of your author. And for the last time, I must say, I’m more into creating my own than following others, though I oftentimes appear otherwise at first glance.

I do not know if I’ve written good enough to justify the intention of my 2nd post. But I guess it’s time to say, good night world. Zzz… J


  1. weeehhh..keep going,, visited you from blogsngpinoy..hehehe..


  2. me too, I was from blogsngpinoy. .:) Manikeen, cool. Are you a wife already?

  3. hi glenn, hehe. no, not yet. how u doin? :)