Friday, July 22, 2011

Manikeen's Intro to Blogging

And then, I started to write again. I do not know how many times I already have used this line in my previous attempts to blog. But then I guess this time around, this is not just another attempt. But really, it had been quite a while since I wrote for a purpose. The last time was when I intended to finish a journal that when I got along the way had the idea to give it to the “apple of my eye.” And yes, I did. ‘Twas such a personal thing to do. And yes, such a personal thing to disclose this early. But yes, I have given my diary to someone I barely knew. Someone I had just admired from afar. And since then, I guess I wasn’t able to have a major major project to feel really great about. Aside from my attempts to blogging, I have written quite a few just to let myself go of the occasional tension and stresses of life.

Yes, I am more of the introvert person when it comes to my personal ambitions and opinions in life. And maybe that’s what kept from blogging for the past few years. This week, I had kept a quote in memory: “The world tells you to be yourself, and then they judge you.” True or False? Tralse! No, TRUE. Still, I started to reconsider, need I reveal my true identity (here in blogging) if I wanna be myself? What if that keeps me from revealing what I really think about? And if I revealed my identity, would you not judge me that I am really being me? Ok, it feels like I’m starting another topic. But I know that you get my point. My English is basic enough for you to understand. You see, I’m no prolific writer or editor, I’m just a blogger who wants to add up to the ideas being shared in the community.

I really like writing my thoughts out. Out of all my fave hobbies, this one’s allows me the most of freedom. A blank is such a space to fill up and see the product of my brain. Haha. Brain drain. I do not know why I even write that out, but I just like the way it rhymes and the way it keeps me from writing bit longer and practice my typing skills. In here, I could just pull you off and back again to where I’m leading you. That is, the art of writing. You see, we all have many intentions and purposes on why we write. I may enumerate, but that’s too formal and educational. Let’s just say, in writing, there are two things that may happen. You tell the truth or you lie. But hey, don’t be taken aback. I hope you will get to know that you are reading more of the former. You may continue if you believe... Writing maybe exposing to people what do you really want them to believe or they may catch you from what you’re trying to keep in real circumstances. You see, my high school best friend and I are among friendliest people I know, but then again, though people think we are more of the “open” ones, think not. We can still better relay our emotions through writing. And if you are normal, you must agree on this. Hehe.

Writing is exercise. Writing is fun --- for those who know how to use it. I only hope to blog, first, because I love to write; two, I wanna share my thoughts out for those who share my sentiments; and three, I care not what the world will think of my first two reasons. I mean, I am being myself here and you have the freedom to judge me according to your on perception of things. And from that point of judgment, we’ll both meet the understanding of where our difference lies. Good evening world. J

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